Tourism In Derry

Also known as Londonderry, Derry is a city on the River Foyle in the Northern part of Ireland. It is famous all over the world for its intact seventeenth century walls that have seven gates. Besides, this city boasts of many other tourist spots such as:

- Museum of Free Derry

- Free Derry Corner

- Peace Bridge

- Town Museum

- St. Columb's Cathedral

- St. Eugene's Cathedral

- Guildhall Street

- Craft Village, and much more

Take a trip to Derry

Why do you not take your family to this city during the holidays, enjoy its popular tourist spots, and enjoy eating local fare in popular restaurants. However, remember that the popularity of this city is such that it is always full of tourists throughout the year. Consider yourself lucky if you have a relative in Derry as you can stay in their home. Those who do not have any relatives in the city have no other options apart from finding some alternative accommodation in derry. Such individuals need not worry as Derry boasts of numerous hotels, available in different price ranges. It is a good idea to book a hotel located close to the popular tourist locales, as this allows you to save money that you would have otherwise spent on renting cabs to visit the different tourist spots. Most popular hotels in derry have their online presence and you can easily book a room by visiting the website of the hotel you want to stay in, choosing your date of arrival and departure, and then select from a wide range of rooms. Most such hotels include free breakfast with their tariff. Here is a list of some of the popular hotels in Derry:

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- City Hotel Derry

- Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry

- The Waterfront Hotel, and

- Holiday Inn Express Derry

What is a hotel?

A hotel is a commercial complex, containing of many rooms available for rental. Most popular hotels also provide amenities for their guests such as TVs in the rooms, fridges, tea-making machines, free transportation from and to the airport, and free WiFi. Be prepared to pay more rental per day if you want to enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, spa, and gyms in the hotel. Quite a few of them also offer conference rooms, useful if you plan to host a business meeting in the hotel. It is best to compare the tariffs charged by hotels in the same star category before booking a room in them. If you are taking your pet along with you, ensure that the hotel allows pets.

Who would use a hotel?

People visiting a city for tourism or business purposes use hotels as it provides them with breakfast and lodging. It also provides them with a place to keep their bags in. Certain hotels also provide discount vouchers that the visitor can use to avail discounts while visiting tourist spots that require an entrance fee.

Why would use a hotel?

You need a place to stay in while you are visiting a city, and hotels provide you with the best opportunity. As mentioned earlier, ensure that you select an accommodation in Derry located in close proximity to the places you want to visit.